Road Side Assistance Towing


Towing- If things really go wrong, your car might not make it from point A to point B on its own. In that case, you need a tow. To get your car to the repair shop or wherever it needs to go, you might need a tow truck.

Finding a towing company and getting your vehicle towed can get very pricey. Roadside assistance includes towing, designed to get your car off the side of the road and on the way to driving again.

What Covered

  • 24 Hours on road assistance – On road cover all blacktop roads and maintained graded road only accessible by AAA patrol vehicles.
  • Vehicles covered – All saloon cards and 4x4 vehicles (including pickups, van, and mini bus) provided they are under the following specifications – 3 Ton gross weight and shall not exceed the maximum length of 5.1 meter and 2-meter width.
  • Membership – Covers the vehicles which is registered under it.
  • Validity – as mentioned on the membership card / insurance policy if issued by insurance company.
  • Broken down vehicles will be towed only to the nearest AAA authorized garage in Oman/UAE
  • For membership issued by automobile dealers it will be towed to nearest authorized service center only.

What is not Covered

  • Any off-road breakdowns such as caused by flooding, Wadi, sand, mountain slops cyclone earthquakes or any other forces of nature.
  • Accidents not covered under this agreement.
  • Vehicles over and above specifications of 5.1-meter length and 2.0 meter width and low bed cars.
  • Membership for one car is not transferable to any other car.
  • Towing to any other garages of the customers choices not covered in Oman on in UAE.
  • Service facility to another garage.